To attend or not to attend – is that really the question?

Why do people attend events?

To attend or not to attend – is that really the question?  In a recent U.S. online survey, it was interesting that the reasons people DON’T attend an event is mainly due to cost, time and the appeal of the destination or city. Education, networking and the destination are the top attendance drivers.Reasons people DO attend shows a mixture of staying abreast with their profession/industry. Wanting opportunities to network and make connections.  Notably, the Gen Y Millennials are also seeking to build their base of contacts.

Surprisingly, opportunities to engage with others via social media is a benefit of attending however, creating and promoting face-to-face on-site opportunities tip the scale toward the decision to attend.

For Event/Conference Organisers, maximized attendance helps more individuals ‘connect’ with the host organization and its mission.

Interestingly, in terms of destination, delegates will attend on someone else’s dime and return on their own dime.

Happy event planning!

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