Decorative and Edible Centerpieces
You don’t need a big budget to throw an awesome event. These tips will help maximize funds in ways that matter.

The world of event and meeting planning can certainly be glamorous and exciting, but when your company or brand comes with a smaller budget, it can seem impossible and stressful.

A modest budget doesn’t mean your event has to be boring or bland, though; it just requires a little extra creativity. To maximize style, elegance and guest satisfaction without spending a lot, check out these six tips!

Decorative and Edible Centerpieces

Seek out local entertainment. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on a recognized band, fire dancers and big-name celebrities. Avoid the cost and introduce guests to a local singer, band, chef or artist. Many lesser-known homegrown performers not only cost less but also are eager to showcase their talents. This money-saving strategy is a great way to introduce people to regional talent and culture.

Feature items with dual purposes. One of the easiest ways to save money is to incorporate items that have more than one purpose. So instead of printing both seating charts and menus, use a chalkboard that can be easily wiped off. You can also use the lemons, artichokes and oranges displayed on the bar in fresh juices or soups served with meals. And reusable water bottles will keep thirsty guests hydrated and can double as a branded souvenir. Indeed, there are many ways you can repurpose items to save dollars if you just think creatively.

Consider alternative dates. Want to slash thousands of dollars from the cost of your gathering? Host the event during a weekday. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are prime days, especially for weddings and other social affairs, so prices are often at a premium. In addition, many outdoor vendors, like florists and printing companies, tag on higher surcharges for weekends.

Rethink the centerpieces. Create centerpieces that serve a dual purpose, like fresh fruit (that can later be featured in the meal), branches, sculptures, or even candles or other lighting. These make the same impact with half the cost.

Go mobile for everything! Long gone are the days of paper invitations, agendas and menus — now, everything is digital. Having a mobile app for the meeting not only saves money on printing but also simplifies the guest experience. Keeping things digital makes it easier for attendees to socially share details from the meetings and remember key takeaways on their own devices.

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