A crisis or poor planning?

Crisis Management when organising an event is essential. 

The event day has arrived, your checklist is completed, your delegates have arrived and everything is running to plan, until….

  • a guest speaker doesn’t show up
  • a microphone or your visual cuts out
  • a fire evacuation takes place
  • a health emergency, serious accident or injury occurs
Even the smallest disruption can impact the day and can escalate if not handled properly.  So what should go into a good crisis plan?  A clear & confident chain of communication to delegates or others involved completed in a speedy manor.  A contingency plan or crisis simulation can range from running through likely and dramatic scenarios and perhaps training client employees before the event on how to handle everything from a heart attack to a gun threat.

Great planning mitigates against a damaged reputation, not only to the event itself but to the venue, the host, your business, the event’s sponsors, local partners and even subcontractors.

Above all, don’t panic – consult with those with experience and, take records when possible. Rumors can spread quickly among delegates.  Communicate through email, SMS, Twitter etc. is critical to quickly update delegates as events unfold.

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Happy event planning!

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