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What Is Simply Great Ideas

A Totally Unique Event Management Service

There’s nothing quite like getting someone on board to give you fresh insight, new ideas, and expert advice for your upcoming event. Seriously – nothing like it. Simply Great Ideas is a completely unique event management and expert advice service for companies and executives planning functions, conferences, and other important corporate events.

What’s so unique about us?

For a start: our event ideas are awesome. Say goodbye to boring events.

Secondly, some of our services are available for free to our wonderful clients. For more information on how our pricing works, see our Event Advisory and Event Management services section on our website.

Thirdly, we’ve got access and connections that come with years of working in the industry. We can personally provide you with guidance on venues, destinations, activities, entertainment, audio visual, and more.

And most importantly, we offer a personal service so that you get to work directly with one of Australia’s most experienced and passionate event organisers.

Meet Susan

Creative Event Expert Extraordinaire


Welcome to Simply Great Ideas. My name is Susan Brandie and I am the founder, director and event ideas person! I first launched Simply Great Ideas in 1998 (17 years and counting) because of my passion for connecting companies with great venues and event ideas for their conferences. I’d already spent 6 years in the industry and could see that this kind of service was needed – but nobody was offering a unique or creative approach to corporate events.

With Simply Great Ideas, my goal is to put an end to badly organised events, and corporate functions that put delegates to sleep. Helping clients come up with creative ideas for their events and put them into action is my favourite part of the job.

I often work with large corporate organisations, associations, franchise groups and government departments. Many of my clients are executive assistants or other employees who’s primary role and expertise is not in events, but they’ve been given the momentous task of organising a major company function! My role is to take the stress out of the process, walk them through each step, and make them (and the company) look great by pulling off a flawless event.

I have 23+ years of experience in events management and am also a member of the advisory board for Sofitel Hotels and Hamilton Island Resort. If you’d like to see a little more of what I’ve done recently, or read about what my clients think of me, please head over to my portfolio!

Want to get to know me better? Let’s connect on Facebook or LinkedIn. If you have an event coming up soon and would like an obligation-free chat about event planning, management, or just general advice, please give me a call on PH 0407 379 664 or drop me a line here. I look forward to connecting with you!

Company Values

Why We Do What We Do


Planning great events is only possible when you embrace creativity and think outside of the box! We like to employ all our resources and connections to ensure that the look and feel of your event is the perfect match.



No more same-old, same-old. Here at Simply Great Ideas, we believe that every event should be as unique and original as your organisation and the people in it!



We know how important it is that your event runs smoothly and that you can rely on every component, including us, to do their job properly and on time. We don’t make promises lightly and won’t let you down.



At the heart of a perfectly executed event is hours of careful planning and processes. Keeping everything organised and on track is what we do best!

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