Big Boys Toys….

That’s not a truck….


 Sunshine Coast Quarry

Boys with their BIG BOY toys, hi-vis shirts and dancing girls……all in a days work!

To be “Tonka Tuff” is NOT that EASY!    watch out!!

Hold me back….guess who’s coming to dinner? ……John Stevens and a big truck!

VENUE: Sunshine Coast Quarry….

HOW IS IT DONE….very well…with all the bells and whistles of course!

 Sunshine Coast Quarry

120 guests for mind blowing dinner

From a backdrop of dirt, aggregate and rocks….to VIP, 5 star facility!

She’s a beauty!

All work and no play….bring on the bubbles and food please chef!

yep, that’s me protecting the VIP!

 Sunshine Coast Quarry

Until next time always remember, a truck is simply not just a truck!

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