Brain Box & Ideas Generator

Chill OUT in an informal function room set up – designed to inspire and increase concentration. Funky lounges, bean bags and coffee tables. Together with a specific music playlist that create a conducive learning environment.   All of this is the start to prepare your delegates to gain more out of the days sessions.


Traditionally venues serve mints, lollies, sandwiches and pastries as part of their menus. Delegates start to get sleepy, restless and bored by early – mid afternoon. The best creativity and brain efficiency comes when you have clarity. So, how do you feed people to keep them awake and energised during these sessions?

Clean, whole food ingredients using only natural sugar or low sugar choices to keep delegates alert and engaged throughout your entire meeting.  Fortunately, Mindful Meetings by Mercure and Experience Meetings by Radisson Blue are two of many venues embracing the opportunity to provide what delegates need to experience optimal concentration and minimal fatigue.

These concepts are idea of small-sized groups of up to 30 people.

Happy event planning!

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