Branded Events



Lets firstly look at the “WOW” factor of an event.  Spending extravagant amounts of money doesn’t necessarily impress and in these economic times, can turn people off.  Focus on using a unique invitation, tailoring the program to effectively communicate the reasons for the event.

Money spent doesn’t necessarily equal the impact.

Create a sense of exclusivity.  The most successful events and meetings are not only talked about, people vie to attend them.  You’ll want to create a sense that your event is a must-attend.

Visualise yourself as a typical attendee/member of your target audience.

Come up with a catchy name or tagline for your event – this helps it to be memorable and will convey the idea of the event and brand message. Short Taglines are best and can stick in the mind and will connect emotionally.

Brand various items i.e  the serviettes, use toothpick flags with messages in the drinks or savouries, dressing wait staff in t-shirt/apron and/or cap with logos/tagline. Memento/gift to guests who attend.  The venue often has many branding opportunities i.e Logo on building, walls, screen, lectern, centerpieces, main entry and even in the lift! The ideas are endless.

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