CSR + man power = good deed

Beyond the boardroom, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has an important role within organisations and individuals.  Therefore, to include a component within your event or conference can lead to a positive effect on staff, the environment and others in need.  

It is slowly becoming “standard” to include a CSR component at conferences. Many team building activities are now achieving two goals.

1. Contribution to communities i.e green education (planting trees), fundraising through talent (bidding for conference artwork), building and providing materials or feeding families in need. 

2.  A genuine desire to make a difference.

Programmes that benefit children and/or youth are an immediate hit. It is an opportunity to offer delegates personal experiences with local communities and to look further than the 5 star hotel and into poor villages.

Leading by Good Example – TTCMice Magazine Cover Story.  

For more information on simply ways for your organisation or social club can incorporate CSR into your next event, contact

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