Drunk from the Elixir of Immortality….

I’m totally seduced by Hong Hong’s newest contemporary hotel which retells the story of Chang’er, the Moon Goddess.

The Mira Moon Hotel’s bespoke interpretation of the Chinese Moon Festival myth has got me in a spin.

Basically, a Chinese hero gave his true love a sip of the elixir of immortality. It lifted her from earth to the moon where she became trapped far from the man she loved and with only a Jade Rabbit as her companion. She sent the Rabbit down to Earth to keep him company in her absence whilst she remained on the moon as the Moon Goddess of Immortality.
Dubbed as “the Lady Gaga of the design world” by the New York Times this fashion-forward hotel which opened late 2013, and has become winner of Best Hotel Interior Hong Kong at the Asia Pacific Hotel Awards 2013-2014!

Window pane murals depicting the fairytale on each guestroom corridor…

Three lanterns cascading from the entrance hall’s ceiling representing each of the key characters

I’m loving the lucky charm feature wall in the lobby, which when viewed closely reveals the signs of the Chinese zodiac for prosperity.

The Mira Moon has 91 rooms and are designed to ignite every one of your senses and sedate them to bliss!!

The website is

If this is getting you as excited as me you should also check out their other hotel The Mira Hong Kong in Tsimshatsui

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