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Get expert help with planning and booking your next corporate function!

Feeling a stressed or overwhelmed at the prospect of organising your upcoming corporate event or conference? A lot of details go into making your event a success, and it can be challenging to keep on top of it all! That’s where we come in.

With over two decades of experience in the event management industry, Simply Great Ideas can provide you with trusted advice to ensure that no detail is missed. We can provide you with:

  • Creative, original ideas to make your event a success
  • Detailed checklists and runsheets
  • Our recommended venues and destinations
  • Accommodation options
  • Travel options
  • Source entertainment, speakers, and audio visual requirements
  • Source detailed quotes
  • Help ensure that all costs are included in your quotes
  • Negotiate packages and pricing to ensure the best deal
  • Arrange and host site inspections for any preferred venues or destinations
  • Arrange hotel contracts, ensuring that all details in the terms and conditions are fair

Not only do we provide you with ideas and advice for your event, but we save you hours of tedious research by ensuring that we only recommend the best suppliers and venues that suit your needs (and budget).

Once we have helped you booked your perfect venue and suppliers, you will have everything you need to confidently manage and run your corporate function yourself.


Why Choose Simply Great Ideas?

You could DIY your event planning, but…

Our Event Advice is FREE
That’s not a typo! We are happy to provide you with this service at no out-of-pocket cost. Why? We are completely transparent about our pricing model here. When we assist businesses like yours with their conference or event needs, we often make a commission from the venues and suppliers we recommend to you. As such, we have decided to offer our event advice for free. See more details on pricing below.

We Have a LOT of Experience
Our director and event advisor, Susan Brandie, has over two decades of corporate event experience! We’ve just about seen it all. This kind of experience allows us to quickly spot the best ideas and solutions to your event needs… and anticipate any potential risks while you’re still in the planning phase.

Save Time
Allowing us to do the legwork in coming up with the best advice, ideas, venues, and suppliers for your event will save you hours and hours of time. Time is precious when you’re planning an event – the sooner you have everything booked in, the better. Let us do your research, get the quotes, and make sure everything is on track for a successful day.

Save Money
With our experience and connections, we can help make sure that you get the best value deal when booking your venue, accommodation, and suppliers. We know what’s fair and when there’s some wiggle room in a quote, and we know what to look for to ensure that everything is included (no last minute budget blow outs).

It’s Personal
When you work with Simply Great Ideas, you get to work directly with Susan Brandie. We are proud to offer an extremely personalised service so that we get to know your business, your objectives, and what you’re looking for in the perfect event. Have peace of mind to know that you will communicate with one person everytime you call for advice.

  • Shine Lawyers

    "SGI means success! Wealth of experience and knowledge make SGI unique. Not here to impress, here to make my event work for me."

    - Shine Lawyers

  • ANZ

    “Susan and the team at SGI have been a valuable part of me and running my business. They are always fantastic to deal with and having them work with me to create the best possible event takes a lot of pressure off the initial investigations and planning so I can get on with the more important areas of the event.”

    - ANZ

  • Energex

    “SGI made a difficult task extremely easy. Everyone enjoyed the event. Your great. Helpful, efficient, informed.”

    - Energex

  • Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz

    “You were our one-stop-shop for everything, which made our decisions so much easier. You recommended and promised only the best, and it was delivered. Congratulations on a wonderful job.”

    - Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz

  • Fuji Xerox

    “I have been working at Fuji Xerox for 13 years and I have used Simply Great Ideas on many occasions and have been very satisfied with all of the functions that have been organised. The staff are very, very helpful + I am always treated very well by them. Susan is fantastic.”

    - Fuji Xerox

Event Advisory Pricing

How much do Simply Great Ideas charge for their event advisory services?

As we mentioned above, this particular service attracts no fees. Sometimes when people hear this, they find it a bit difficult to believe, so we thought we’d expand a little further.

As a venue finder for your event, we have the privilege of introducing you to some of the best hotels and conference venues around. We have spent years developing relationships with these venues, getting to know their ins and outs, and ensuring that we are happy with their level of service, presentation, and facilities.

When you book a venue as a result of our introduction, that venue will often (but not always) pay us a percentage-based commission to thank me for the time I spent getting to know your needs and recommending them as a result. They see this as a marketing expense for their venue and do not inflate the price they pass onto you to cover it (so this truly is a free service!). We have similar relationships with other suppliers, including audio visual companies, entertainers, accommodation providers, and more.

Something you may be wondering is… if our service is commission-based, won’t that cloud our judgement? No. We only recommend the best possible venues for your needs, regardless of the commission involved.

We work long and hard to make sure that you get the best help for your event at the best possible prices. We believe that our event advisory services are mutually beneficial to your company and the event suppliers you choose to work with.

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