She’ll be right on the night (not)….

Delegates also expect to be entertained by someone who has established credibility as a performer. High profile speakers or entertainers at your event can ensure bums on seats, attract media attention and can raise your public profile. Unfortunately, no matter how well you plan or what the lead up time is for your event, a VIP or celebrity can often let you down at the last minute. Sometimes celebrities are easier to deal with than politicians. The bigger the name, the bigger the price tag and sometime the ego. Celebrities love “Riders”.These are the list of things you must provide whilst they are on-premise at your event. i.e. Specialty waters, a list of their specific alcoholic beverages, food items such as “low-fat free range chicken breast without the skin” organic carrots and steamed green beans. This list can be extremely extensive and often the VIP/celebrity won’t even touch any of it. Specific smells i.e. floral arrangements or incense burning. Sometime weird clauses are included “staff must not make eye contact”, private dressing room chilled to exactly 21 degrees, steamer to warm up the vocal chords, etc etc etc. At the end of the day, if that’s what they want and you want them – be prepared to wear it. A couple of quick tips….Ask for details of their rider before you make the booking. Develop a good relationship with the celebrity/VIP’s Assistant in the lead up to the event and ask for their personal mobile phone number. Send up to date running sheet to them highlighting their specific timings and what is expected of them. Keep in touch regularly to ensure all is smooth for their arrival – 3 weeks, 1 week, 2 days, 1 day, on the day and 1 hour from their expected arrival! Ensure the right person is there to greet them on arrival i.e. CEO of the organisation. Have a back-up plan, who else can speak should there be an unforseen circumstance.

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