The Domino Effect and your Event Budget 


Finally you can RELAX.  Your venue is booked and for now, you don’t need to think about the event again for at least a few months. Woo Hoo, Great!  Your event budget has been approved and is based on the number of delegates/guests and calculated using the event venue’s “Contract”.

THEN, eeekkkk 3 – 8 weeks prior to the event, the added event costs start coming through.   The big one is usually the Audio Visual and lighting.  This is when the confusion and fear hits and the questions begin.

What is a vision switcher and why do I also need an AV technician?
Stage lighting & extra sound?  Surely, the keynote speakers will be seen & heard without these extra costs?
To save on costs, I’m bringing our own laptop, can I bring a data projector too?
Do you include a stage in your room hire?

It goes without saying – the visual elements of your event are crucial to delivering your message. Visuals can transform the entire event experience, change perceptions, and immerse your audience completely.

Whether you want to deliver a powerful brand message, show off your product, or entertain with a specific theme, it’s important that your event creates a lasting impression.

Careful planning can eliminate real frustration and budget overload.   Simply Great Ideas Event Advisory Service offers all of this at no cost to you!  

Let’s talk further for a happy planning ever after.