Top Catering trends for events in 2013!

1. Big flavours, networking and balancing a wine glass pushes “street food”, hawker style dishes to the forefront. Adding diversity of flavours from different parts of the world such as sugar cane skewers and banana leaf cones.
2. The three course meal is replaced with shared dishes, served on boards or slate. This allows diners to taste more variety in a more relaxed atmosphere and making food part of the overall theme.
3. Live cooking stations (spurred on by interest in TV cooking shows).
4. Paddock to Plate – quality and fresh food sourced from local producers. Guests are wanting to lead a healthier, cleaner lifestyle with a variety of ingredients that is not imported or processed.
5. Comfort food, slow cooked dishes, braises and pureed dishes transport you to a special place or childhood memories.
6. Sustainable and eco-plates of bamboo and the like will be the predominate type of eating plates and utensils.

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