Welcome to….Viva Las Vegas!!

What “goes on” at conference, stays on conference??  YOU BETCHA IT DOES!!

LET’s get serious……Vegas is a playground for BIG KIDS with wads of $$$ and a iron liver to match.

IT is the Conference Capital OF THE WORLD!    YES….the WORLD!!!

In 2012, Vegas hosted 21,615 conventions which included 4,944,014 attendees!  That’s a TRUCK LOAD of people full of booze and bulls*#t in one place.

Hotels and conferences Vegas

Caution for young inexperienced players…it’s located in the NEVADA desert….it’s dry dry dry!!  Booze at night + walking around in 115 degree heat during the day = hospital and getting strapped to an IV.

By day a shopping, gambling, conferencing, MECA!!!


DRINKING in the street, GAMBLING with money you don’t have, NEON to make your eyes bleed AND MACCAS to soak up the drink!


Hotels and conferences Vegas

Post cards of Tacky Texans,  Pink Flamingos, Parisian towers, Venetian boats…..

You know you’ve made it when your crowned the first ever Australian “Miss Las Vegas” !! It’s true however, that’s another story……

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