Where’s my Jimmy Choo

Penang is just like an onion…it won’t reveal its secrets till you peel it, layer by layer.

I’m fascinated by it’s Street Art!  There are over 52 unforgettable painted walls & unique welded iron wall caricatures, all of them mimicking life in the city of George Town, Penang.

A few of my favourites….








The “Broken Heart” mural depicts two halves of a red heart, each painted on a side of a telephone booth. The mural probably describe the feeling of being heart broken for having to conduct a relationship on the telephone. The venue is made more appropriate as it is on Love Lane. The mural is facing another George Town Street Art, the steel-rod sculpture entitled “Cheating Husband”, which provides a totally different interpretation to Love Lane.








The “Cheating Husband” sculpture provides a humorous rendition for the name of Love Lane, which is widely believed to be were rich Chinese merchants kept their mistresses. The first wife probably had little say in this, at a time when upper-crust women have not yet been emancipated from their cloistered existence.








“Boy on a Bike” is painted on the sidedoor of a shophouse. It shows a boy hanging out on his motorcycle as he watches the pedestrian traffic passing by along the street.









Little Children on a Bicycle is a mural on the wall of a shophouse on Armenian Street, George Town. It depicts a little girl taking her younger brother on a bicycle ride. The joy in their faces echoes down the street, providing a ray of cheer and adding character to Armenian Street. Over a year after the Little Children on a Bicycle mural was done, it remains extremely popular with both locals and visitors, that long queues form just to take photos with it.

About the Artist: The process began with Zacharevic combing the city, looking for suitable walls. After he has selected the walls to be painted, the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) contact and obtain a signed agreement from the property owner. Then he starts working on his mural. In the process, he is generating much interest from passer-by traffic, becoming a welcoming sight in the city. As the project becomes increasingly popular, more people started offering their walls.

Street Art Brochure

P.S. Where is my Jimmy Choo you ask?  Well, Penang is where the famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo started his first apprenticeship.

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